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Government of Argentina Announces Cabinet Changes

Thursday December 18, 2014

After the resignation of the Chief of Intelligence, Héctor Icazuriaga, Public Communications Secretary Alfredo Scoccimarro has announced changes in the cabinet.

Icazuriaga will be replaced by Oscar Parrili while Senator Aníbal Fernandez will occupy  Parrilli´s role secretary general for the presidency.

The changes in the Cabinet are called “a desperate” response to legal complications by opposition parties.

Wednesday evening was Parilli sworn (more…)

Coca-Cola Tests “Coca-Cola Life” in Argentina

Coca-Cola Tests “Coca-Cola Life” in Argentina

Monday April 28, 2014

In June 2013 Coca-Cola Life was introduced on the market in Argentina. It was the only country that was part of the test program of Coca-Cola’s newest creation until Chile joined the program in November that year.

‘Coca-Cola Life’ is an alternative for those who like the usual, enormously sugared Coke but do not want to drink ‘Coca-Cola Light’ or ‘Zero’ because of the different taste. This version is made with less sugar and it is the first time that ‘Coca-Cola Company’ has used ‘stevia’, a natural alternative for sugar.

‘Coca-Cola Life’ claims to have 60% less sugar than usual Coke. (more…)

Did You Know These People Are From Argentina?

Did You Know These People Are From Argentina?

Monday April 28, 2014

Argentina has a lot of famous people. Most of them are famous because of the country´s rough history with conquistadores and colonialism from Spain. In recent decades more and more Argentines are becoming famous all around the world. To give you a better look, we made an overview of some of the most famous Argentines in history. Note that there are a lot more than the ones listed here.


On the 26th of April 2014, King Willem Alexander and Queen Máxima of The Netherlands will celebrate their first “Koningsdag” (Kings Day).

Máxima one year queen of The Netherlands

Friday April 25, 2014

On the 26th of April 2014, King Willem Alexander and Queen Máxima of The Netherlands will celebrate their first “Koningsdag” (Kings Day). It is a Dutch National holiday that marks the birthday of the Dutch king, which is actually on the 27th.

On the 30th of April 2013, Máxima Zorreguieta became the first not-Dutch queen of The Netherlands. Máxima was born in Buenos Aires in 1971 as a daughter of Jorge Zorreguieta, a man whose reputation was harmed because he had a political role in the regime of the Argentinian dictator Videla. In 1999 she met Willem Alexander, Prince from Oranje, in Seville during a fair. (more…)

The Most Famous Football Clubs in Buenos Aires

The Most Famous Football Clubs in Buenos Aires

Thursday April 24, 2014

The whole world knows Argentina is famous for football and football players. More than 50% of all football clubs are settled in the province of Buenos Aires. To give you an overview of the most important ones we made this scheme listing the best known teams in the city and those in the province of Buenos Aires.

The best internationally known clubs are: Boca Junior, Independiente, Racing, San Lorenzo and River Plate.

In Argentina there is a list of “Big Five Argentine Football” clubs including: (more…)


26 Walk Away from Bus Crash without Injuries

Tuesday April 15, 2014

Travelling by bus is a very common means of transportation when exploring Argentina. Unfortunately, a long distance “Chevallier” bus recently crashed with 26 passengers on board. It was on its way from Buenos Aires to Mendoza on April 12, 2014 when it wrecked due to bizarre circumstances.

The crash was the result of a series of unfortunate events. First of all, the bus was on a road that lies next to the river “Rio Quinto” that flooded some days before the accident happened. Later, the flood caused cracks in the road which made part of the road collapse. (more…)


Messi supports the 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games

Thursday March 20, 2014

Travelling to Argentina gives one the opportunity to learn more about some of the most popular people in the world. Lionel Messi from Argentina is one of those famous people. He is more than just the greatest soccer player in the world, he is also a large promoter of social development in children and young people.

The Municipal Government of Buenos Aires decided that Messi will be the face of the 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This agreement forms a greater bond between the Messi Foundation, commited to helping children (more…)


One Year as “Our” Pope

Monday March 17, 2014

Come to Buenos Aires, Argentina to learn Spanish and meet the hometown of Pope Francis. When one visits Buenos Aires, he or she will also learn from where our current and humble Pope came. See the culture, traditions, and scenery of this beautiful city that helped mold our current Pope into who he is. Pope Francis is a simple and serene pope; that is why there are no mass celebrations for his one year anniversary as the Pope of the Catholic Church. On his twitter account (@Pontifex) he is asking us, just like one year ago, to pray for him.

On March 13th, 2013, the Argentinian bishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected the new Pope (more…)


India Festival in Buenos Aires

Wednesday November 13, 2013

From November 15 till November 24 the fifth edition of the India Festival will take place at the Centro cultural Borges in Buenos Aires There will be music, handcrafts and dance. The entrance is free. Not all activities will take place at the Centro Cultural Borges; some are at other locations in the city of Buenos Aires such as the Planetarium, with demostrations of award winning artisans.

Also the popular “Bollywood” ensembles with a show new and old talented artist and many seminars are offered on, for instance, Yoga, Spirituality, Indian Cuisine, Indian Theatre (more…)