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Coca-Cola Tests “Coca-Cola Life” in Argentina

Coca-Cola Tests “Coca-Cola Life” in Argentina
Monday April 28, 2014

In June 2013 Coca-Cola Life was introduced on the market in Argentina. It was the only country that was part of the test program of Coca-Cola’s newest creation until Chile joined the program in November that year.

‘Coca-Cola Life’ is an alternative for those who like the usual, enormously sugared Coke but do not want to drink ‘Coca-Cola Light’ or ‘Zero’ because of the different taste. This version is made with less sugar and it is the first time that ‘Coca-Cola Company’ has used ‘stevia’, a natural alternative for sugar.

‘Coca-Cola Life’ claims to have 60% less sugar than usual Coke. Per 600ML (the usual quantity in a bottle in Argentina) there are 108 calories, that is 148 calories less than the 250 that ‘Coke’ normally has. It is not sure if ‘Coca-Cola’ will introduce the new version in other countries than Argentina and Chile, but there are rumors that ‘Coca-Cola’ has an eye on the French market.

The ‘Coca-Cola Company’, owner of other Latin American brands ‘Crush’ and ‘Bonaqua’, says that the taste of ‘Life’ is the same as the normal version, even though many people think it is not. According to the company, the brand will be on the market next to the other famous versions ‘Coca Cola’, ‘Coca Cola Light’ and ‘Coca Cola Zero’. ‘Life’ will be in the middle of the sugared, original version while ‘Light’ and ‘Zero’ are sugar free.

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