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The Most Famous Football Clubs in Buenos Aires

The Most Famous Football Clubs in Buenos Aires
Thursday April 24, 2014

The whole world knows Argentina is famous for football and football players. More than 50% of all football clubs are settled in the province of Buenos Aires. To give you an overview of the most important ones we made this scheme listing the best known teams in the city and those in the province of Buenos Aires.

The best internationally known clubs are: Boca Junior, Independiente, Racing, San Lorenzo and River Plate.

In Argentina there is a list of “Big Five Argentine Football” clubs including:

–    CA River Plate
–    CA Boca Juniors
–    CA Independiente
–    Racing Club
–    San Lorenzo

Did you know about River Plate and Boca Juniors:

  • CA Boca Juniors and CA River Plate used to be one club. Now they are arch rivals.
  • If River has to play against Boca it is one of the roughest duels in the world. The game between the two is called “El Superclásico”.
  • CA River Plate was created in the neighborhood La Boca, where rival CA Boca Juniors has its home now.
  • River Plate’s home stadium is called ‘El Monumental’ and is the biggest in all Argentina. Boca’s stadium is called ‘La Bombonera’ and is the most famous stadium in South America.
  •  Boca’s colors, yellow and blue, were chosen randomly. After River and Boca became two separate teams, Boca had to choose new colors. Because of the new location, the harbor of Buenos Aires, they decided to pick the colors of the flag that was on the first ship that passed. That ship came from Sweden.
  • The name ‘River Plate’ was picked when the team saw some English shippers footballing in the harbor next to a sign with ‘River Plate’ (Rio de la Plata in English) so they decided to pick this name.

Did you know about Independiente and Racing:

  • Both teams are located in Avellaneda.
  • Independiente and Racing are arch rivals, just like River and Boca.
  • A match between these teams is called “El Clásico de Avellaneda”.

Did you know about San Lorenzo:

  • It has, just like River vs. Boca and Racing vs. Independiente, a derby. But this one is against a lesser known team, Huracán.

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