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Coca-Cola Tests “Coca-Cola Life” in Argentina

Coca-Cola Tests “Coca-Cola Life” in Argentina

Monday April 28, 2014

In June 2013 Coca-Cola Life was introduced on the market in Argentina. It was the only country that was part of the test program of Coca-Cola’s newest creation until Chile joined the program in November that year.

‘Coca-Cola Life’ is an alternative for those who like the usual, enormously sugared Coke but do not want to drink ‘Coca-Cola Light’ or ‘Zero’ because of the different taste. This version is made with less sugar and it is the first time that ‘Coca-Cola Company’ has used ‘stevia’, a natural alternative for sugar.

‘Coca-Cola Life’ claims to have 60% less sugar than usual Coke. (more…)