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Renowned Critic Presents List Best Argentine Wines

Renowned Critic Presents List Best Argentine Wines
Tuesday May 16, 2017

Renowned Critic Presents List Best Argentine Wines

Renowned British wine critic, Tim Atkin, has recently presented a list of the best wines in Argentina. Atkin is widely regarded as one of the world´s foremost experts in wine, as a recipient of the prestigious Master of Wine title from the Institute of Masters of Wine.

Because of his reputation, the group Wines of Argentine invited him out to Argentina to come up with a list of the top 100 wines produced in the country.

To compile this list, Atkin journeyed throughout Argentine´s wine country a few months back. As a result of these travels, Atkins was able to note several key trends in Argentina´s wine.

According to Atkin´s list, Malbec is the type of wine that Argentina produces best. Of the 10 best wines listed, eight were Malbecs. Futhermore, the wine coming in at the top spot (hailing from the Tomal Vineyard) was also a Malbec.

That´s not to say that all of these Malbecs are the same. In fact, Atkin is quick to point out quite the opposite. It seems that besides the differences in production, the flavor of these different Malbecs can be traced to their different regions of origin, in which there are variety of different altitudes, climatic zones, and soil types.

Other noteworthy trends include the rising popularity of blends and the return of the Sémillon grape, as well as the overall decrease in wood-aging techniques. Atkin has also noted that Argentina is now starting to produce higher quality sparkling wines.

The event took place at the Argentine embassy in London and hosted experts in the wine industry.

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