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Argentina Looks to Improve Ties with Israel

Argentina Looks to Improve Ties with Israel
Friday May 02, 2014

Hector Timerman, the Argentinean Foreign Minister arrived this past Monday to Jerusalem in hopes of strengthening ties between Argentina and Israel. This is a result of the fraying ties between Argentina and Iran. In January 2013 the two countries made an agreement to investigate together the bombings against Israeli and Jewish targets in Buenos Aires in the early 1990´s. This horrible terrorist attack killed more than 114 people and wounded around 500. However, Argentina has recently begun to realize that this agreement was a mistake as Iran continues to make excuses for not investigating.

This visit from the Timerman comes at a rough time when  just four months before an Israel envoy to Buenos Aires told an Argentinean Jewish news agency that Israel killed many of the perpetrators behind the bombing attacks. In attempt to not strain ties, this comment was quickly placed under the rug and taken out of the news. Even with this comment, the two countries´ ties do show signs of improving as Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) have plans to sell up to 18 upgrade Kfir planes to Argentina. Ties between Israel and Argentina are hoped to continue being strengthened, especially as the relationship between Iran continues to falter.

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