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Argentine Scientists Discover Glowing Frog

Argentine Scientists Discover Glowing Frog
Friday March 17, 2017

Argentine Scientists Discover Glowing Frog

Scientists in Argentina have discovered the first species of glowing frogs in the world in the Amazon Basin. The scientists came from a museum of natural science in Buenos Aires that was studying the pigment of this particular frog species.

In fact, they stumbled upon this amazing discovery purely by accident.

While these scientists were examining the pigment of the frog , they found that the frog appears fluorescent under a UV light. They went on to uncover that the frog used emissions from the lymph nodes and other glands on its body in order give the skin its greenish glow.

Before this discovery, the compound that caused the fluorescence in the frog’s skin, was not thought to exist in vertebrates. One of the discoverers, Julián Faivoch, stated that he hopes this new discovery will inspire more scientists to investigate the possibility of fluoresce in more amphibian species.

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