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Cruises To Antarctica From Buenos Aires

Tuesday July 16, 2013

Antarctica is the most southern place on Earth and can reach temperatures as frigidly cold as -129°F (-89°C). But for frequent cruisers, the South Pole has become one of the hottest travel destinations! Cruises have begun to transport tourists to Antarctica in ever-increasing numbers.

Once Argentina was thought of as only a place for the toughest trekkers and burliest travelers, however now with luxury cruises in the picture, almost anyone can make the trip In ‘Antarctica For Sissies Hardly, As Luxury Cruise Line Turns New Page’ Gadling reported that Seabourn, a luxury cruise line, planned make 21- to 24-night expedition sailings later in 2013. The 450-passenger ship will embark from Buenos Aires, Argentina, making stops in Montevideo and the Falkland Islands and then spending 5 days touring Argentina, running Zodiac landings to several stunning locations on the continent.

Another cruiseline, Crystal Cruises is planning to sail to Antarctica for a Christmas/New Year’s cruise beginning December 21, 2013. The Buenos Aires-Valparaíso voyage aboard 922-passenger Crystal Symphony will make stops in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Falkland Islands, Drake Passage, Cape Horn, and the Chilean Fjords, while docking on the Antarctic continent several times.

The Crystal version of Antarctica offers passengers the unique option of flying, hiking, or zodiacking over and onto the icy continent, spending an overnight at the Chilean Eduardo Frei Antarctic Base (INACH). These trips are pricy, however, starting at $7,450 per person.

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