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La Cabaña: the best beef on this planet

La Cabaña: the best beef on this planet
Thursday December 29, 2016

La Cabaña: the best beef on this planet

La Cabaña has the best beef on this planet and it is easily believable when you enter the huge oak doors of this high society restaurant in Buenos Aires.

While a huge assortment of prime beef from Argentina is offered, it is grilled to perfection like you only can imagine it in your dreams.

For 80 years, the restaurant has settled its place in history, tradition and culture of Argentina. Moreover, the rustic interior design with vintage ornaments gives the visitor a truly unique atmosphere.

While providing plenty of privacy and ambience, the restaurant offers also the famous and expensive Kobe steak, which originated in Japan. However, their steaks come from cows that are only grass-fed and therefore have the best quality.

In addition, la Cabaña is the “showpiece” of Argentinian steakhouses, as it is one of the most famous and luxury steak restaurants in the capital.

All steak lovers will absolutely love this restaurant. You can find La Cabaña at Alicia Moreau de Justo 380 in Puerto Madero.

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