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New Buenos Aires Brewery Combines Rock Climbing with Beer

New Buenos Aires Brewery Combines Rock Climbing with Beer
Wednesday May 03, 2017

New Buenos Aires Brewery Combines Rock Climbing with Beer

A new Buenos Aires brewery is now combining rock climbing with beer. The brewery, called ”Patio Cervecero del Capitan Torque” or in English: ”Captain Torque’s Beer Garden”, was recently opened at the already existing Realization Climbing Gym.

The brewery has a modern and cozy interior and is frequently visited by people that enjoy climbing and love drinking beer. Craft beer by the liter, to be precise. They also sell their own microbrew, which is of great quality and has a value of only 100 pesos a liter.

Apart from beer, this spot also serves delicious pizzas.

Captain Torque’s Beer Garden is regularly visited by climbing lovers from all over the city of Buenos Aires. Its owner Andres Alejandro Puertas, who is an active climber, states: ”The idea to start selling our own craft beer, instead of industrially-produced beer, was attractive. A short time after opening our gym we started to produce and sell our beer here, and the response has been really encouraging.”

According to Puertas, Buenos Aires has rapidly transformed itself into a health-conscious city where there are now many climbing gyms that people actively want to make use of.

Captain Torque’s Beer Garden will expand to more places, and even more of its visitors will have the opportunity to try Capitan Torque outside on the cozy veranda of Realization Climbing Gym.

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