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Two brand new metro bus stops to be taken down

Two brand new metro bus stops to be taken down
Friday October 24, 2014

Because of a lack of planning by the government of Buenos Aires, two brand new metro stops will be taken down. The two stops on 9 de Julio Street were built just last year costing $4 million. They will now be replaced by a new stop.

The construction of the metro bus provoked a series of protests last year due to its environmental impact, costs, and its effectiveness to solve traffic congestion. The works continued anyway and the metro bus was put into operation on the 24th of July 2013. Two months later ´Mayor Mauricio Macri´ informed about the construction of new metro bus routes, which includes de bus route on 9 de Julio, Justo, Juan B. and the south of the City.

The company that built the bus stops last year will now be responsible for taking the stops down and building a new stop on Av. Sáenz. The new stop will connect the metro bus Sur with the subte‘s H line.

Because of the mistakes made, the PSA-UNION legislator Virginia González Gas complained about the way in which projects are carried out by the city government, saying: “They constantly do and undo, without a serious and systematic analysis. It’s all trial and error, and the worst part is that it’s done with public funds.”

This is not the first time that there has been a lack of planning by the government. Last year a boulevard on Av. Cabildo was built, costing $5 million and wasn’t even opened, before they decided to make way for a new metro bus.

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