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Uruguayan Wine Fair Comes to Buenos Aires

Uruguayan Wine Fair Comes to Buenos Aires
Tuesday November 29, 2016

Uruguayan Wine Fair Comes to Buenos Aires

On Thursday, December 1st, a Uruguayan Wine Fair comes to Buenos Aires. In fact, this is the first Uruguayan Wine Fair to take place in Argentina.

The Fair will take place in a hotel in Buenos Aires, called the Brick Hotel. The event will consist of more than fifteen wineries that will provide various samples of both wine and snacks.

Over 100 wine labels will be represented at the event, accompanied by an assortment of finger goods, such as caviar, cheese and olives.

Both reds and whites will be present at the event, and Uruguay´s most famous wine, Tannat, will be heavily represented.

In addition to taste testing, attendees will also have the opportunity to take a class with Uruguayan wine professionals.

The main festivities of the Uruguayan Wine Fair will begin at 7 pm. Tickets bought in advance cost $300, and tickets bought at the door are priced at $350.

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