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Women Rule Latin America

Women Rule Latin America
Wednesday April 16, 2014

In the whole world, San Marino, a little city state in Italy, is the country with the most female leaders of state in the country’s history. But if we look to the global picture we see that Latin America is actually the continent with the most amount of female leaders.

There are currently four women ruling Latin American countries. Nevertheless, this is nothing new for the countries in this region, which cannot be said, in North America and Europe. North American countries have simply never had a female head of state.

In South America, four of the most important countries are ruled by woman today. The four countries are Argentina, which was the fifth country in the world to have a female president, Chile, Costa Rica and Brazil. Two of them, Argentina and Chile, even had a female president before. The current president of Chile, Bachelet, was elected for the second time in 2014.

The Argentinian president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, or “CFK”, was elected in 2007. She was the successor and wife of president Nestor Kirchner who died in 2010. Another famous president of the country was Juan Peróns third wife, Isabel Martínez de Perón. After Juan Perón was president, Argentina’s national hero Evita Perón (Eva Duarte) was about to run for president, but sadly she died of cancer in 1952.

Many people say that Argentina and the other Latin American countries are a good example to the world, especially those countries where women do not have the same rights as men. In fact no country is treating women the same as men, but at least these are on the right track.

Here is a summary of all female Latin American presidents in history.

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