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Buenos Aires Holds Festival Embracing Local Cultural Diversity

Buenos Aires Holds Festival Embracing Local Cultural Diversity
Thursday September 21, 2017

Buenos Aires Holds Festival Embracing Local Cultural Diversity

Buenos Aires celebrated recently the first “Expo de Colectividades”, a festival which sought to bring together the cultural customs of 40 communities around the world that coexist in the Argentine capital to reflect its diversity and its commitment to “cultural pluralism”.

Organized by the Undersecretariat for Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism of the city, the event was held throughout the weekend in order to “strengthen integration, good coexistence and reflect the cultural diversity of the different communities that are part of porteña identity”, according to an official of the local government.

With free admission, the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo housed dozens of stalls in which groups of different nationalities explained to the audience their history and their folklore. There were also music shows, parades with typical costumes and a large patio promoting the gastronomy of their culture.

“The city is proud to organize this important event, which is part of our main objective to continue working to make Buenos Aires a more inclusive and diverse city,” said the undersecretary of Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism, Pamela Malewicz.

The Expo had six thematic areas, where the public toured the various continents and their cultures, within the framework of what the Buenos Aires government defines as a “sensory experience” composed of thematic scenarios, conference rooms and a time tunnel that will tell the “historical link” of Buenos Aires with the different collectivities that settled in the city.

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