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Public transport is getting expensive

Public transport is getting expensive
Tuesday April 05, 2016

The minister of Transport, Guillermo Dietrich, has confirmed that the rumors about the prices of the public transport in Buenos Airesare true. The fares for the busses and trains in Buenos Aires city will increase with 100%. The start date of the increase of these fares is the 8th of April 2016. The minimum price of a bus ride used to be 3ARS pesos, from the 8th of April on it will be 6ARS pesos. Train tickets will rise from 2ARS pesos to 4ARS pesos. These are the minimum fares, the price of the trip will rise with the distance.

When it comes to the subte, the metro in Buenos Aires, the tariffs ´only´ rise with 67%, meaning that the price of a ticket now 7,5ARS pesos is. This will be implemented in to coming two months. For the people not using SUBEcars, but travelling by buying paper tickets at the ´boleteria´ the price will be doubled.

Those who get social benefits, pensioners, domestic employees and Malvinas war veterans can make use of a so called ´social tariff´. This group of people consist of approximately 6 million people. With this special tariff they receive a discount of 55%.

The reason for the increase of the prices of the public transport, according to the minister of transport is that the priced have being held below market prices for many years.

The government has also announced to invest in the urban public transport the next 15 months, with an investment of 5 billion ARS pesos.

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