Buenos Aires is a small piece of heaven for those who love to shop for clothes. You can shop till you drop in this city that has thousands of stores at your disposal. There is an advantage for those people with a hard currency like the Euro, because the Argentinean Peso is decreasing in its value.

Every part of Buenos Aires has its own style and its own kinds of ´tiendas´. Here are some of the most important neighborhoods and shopping streets listed.

Calle Florida. This is a large pedestrian strip that has all kind of shops. The Galerias Pacificos shopping mall is also located on this street. Calle Florida is always full of shoppers, businessmen and tourists.
Avenida Santa Fe. This shopping street is even longer than Calle Florida, but a bit less pedestrian friendly. This Avenida is just as popular as Calle Florida and you will have no problem finding everything you are looking for.
San Telmo neighborhood. This neighborhood is famous for its beautiful and tiny antique shops. They are mostly located around the Defensa Street where the tourist market on Sunday also takes place.
Once neighborhood. Head up to Once for cheap clothing and other knickknacks. The quality of the goods will vary though so just be mindful with your purchases. Being in this part of the city will give you the impression that you are walking down a Bolivian or Peruvian shopping street. It is full of buyers, sellers, music and liveliness.
Palermo Viejo neigborhood. In this neighborhood all of the shops are hip and happening. A range from the most famous and the not-yet-famous designers all have their shops in this part of the city. It has kitschy and tacky boutiques, fashionable fancy stores, little shops where starting designers show their creations, and loads of delicious restaurants to choose from.
Libertad. This is a great spot if you are in search of some beautiful jewellery. Head down south of Calle Corrientes to see a large display.




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