Argentine cities: Mendoza, Córdoba, Salta, Bariloche and more


Pop 11 million/ 0 m

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina with over 11 million inhabitants and is definitely the city of cities! Here, everything is possible in a city that has it all. There are hundreds of interesting museums, the best restaurants & cafes, green parks, romantic alleys and beautiful colonial architecture. The allure of Buenos Aires is its distinct and characteristic neighborhoods. A day can be filled with dining in a trendy restaurant of Palermo after a long day of shopping in the local designer shops or strolling along the beautiful waterline of Puerto Madero. You can seek out quirky antiques in the quaint shops of San Telmo or take a stroll during its famous Sunday market. La Boca will inspire you to dance the tango in the streets or stare wondrously at the colourful houses along the path. Visit one of the numerous museums in the city center and go to a tango dinner show to complete the day. If you are interested in spoiling yourself, take a walk over to Recoleta where designer clothes shops can be found at each corner. If you are less of a shopper you can pamper yourself with a nice massage or manicure. There is so much to entertain in this city that it is impossible to become bored at any given moment. You need at least one week to explore Buenos Aires, but one month would be even better.


Pop 130.000/Elevation 703 m

Inhabitants of Mendoza call their province "La tierra de sol y buen vino", which means the land of sun and good wine. They could not be more correct in their declaration.

This city, with the blistering summer sun, is both lively and tranquil. The long shady avenues lined with beautiful leafy trees, combined with a large array of restaurants and cafes and inspiring plazas, make it a perfect place to hang out for a few days and relax.

Moreover, Mendoza is the hearth of the wine country and actually produces 70 percent of the countries wine. Just outside of the city, in the departments of Maipu and Lujan de Cuyo, you can visit several of the countries best wineries within a day. The friendly owners will show you around, enhance your knowledge about the wine making process, and last but not least, offer you some samples of their delicious homemade wine.

For those are who are seeking more adventure, many outdoor activities are available. You can climb or mountaineer in the area of El Salto, and ski or snowboard in the beautiful and close by Los Penitentes. There are also several levels of White water rafting that are possible on the rave Mendoza and Diamante Rivers.


Pop 1.300.000/Elevation 400 m

Cordoba has fortunately not been invaded yet by tourists. Most of them solely focused on seeing the Andean peaks and glaciers of Patagonia. This means that the prices have stayed low increased and that you will not be bothered by tourist hunters on the streets.

Cordoba is the second largest city in Argentina and also known as the educational center. People sometimes describe it as Argentina's brain. The seven universities which are located there makes it a real student city and vibrant like no other. You can dine and dance for weeks in Cordoba's many bars and restaurants. More over, the city is full of beautiful colonial architecture ranging from the countries oldest university, to numerous cathedrals and the 17th century Jesuit Block. Although it is a city of a larger size, everything in the city center is within walking distance.

Cordoba lies in the Central Sierras with boundless sights for the eyes to feast upon and extensive outdoor opportunities. Do not skip the beautiful villages like Alta Gracia or Villa General Belgrano which are possible to visit in just one day. Hiking is also possible in the hills of La Cumbrecita or take a jump and try paragliding over the Rio Pinto in La Cumbre.


Pop 280.000/Elevation 1240 m

The city of Jujuy itself is not that exciting although it does have some nice museums and preserved antique buildings that are worth seeing. The villages located around Jujuy are what is most enchanting about this city and can easily be visited as day trips. Think of the wild-wild-west village Humahuaca lined with adobe houses, tranquil plazas, traditional market and cobble stoned streets. Strolling around this village will make you feel as if you are an extra on a western backdrop film set. Browse the nearby souvenir shops with local products or wander around through the local hills and visit a traditional pea with folkloric music. The village of Tilcara is a very interesting place to visit for its pre-Columbian fortification, El Pucura. The hill with seven colors, which is close to the little town of Purmamarca, is truly a photographers dream, especially at sunset.

Exploring the beautiful scenery with its red mountains, wild horses and cactuses makes you feel as if you are getting closer to Argentina's neighbour: Bolivia.


Pop 93.500/Elevation 770 m

Bariloche, actually San Carlos de Bariloche, is the most important tourist destination in Argentina's Lake District. It is the transportation hub for travellers heading to Patagonia or Chile, but absolutely not to skipped. Because of its proximity to the regions best ski slopes, it is Argentina's number one winter sports destination. And, believe it or not, it feels like being in Switzerland. Beautiful white peaked mountains, cows crazing on the hills, wooden chalets, fondue restaurants and hundreds of chocolate shops. Who does not want to ski on beautiful white slopes, with amazing views over the lakes and end the day at one of the good fondue restaurants with a cosy fire place?

Besides skiing and snowboarding there are many more outdoor activities possible to do in Bariloches surroundings. Think of trekking in the Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi, horse back riding through the luscious green hills, mountain bike the Circuito Chico in the forests, or fly fishing on one of the seven lakes.

There are enough outdoor activities to keep you busy for weeks.


Pop 58.000/Elevation 0 m

We all know what the city of Ushuaia is famous for as it is the southernmost city on the planet. It is literally the end of the world, as some people would say. Being in Ushuaia actually as a feeling as if you are located at the far end of the world as it situated in the region all alone. It is quite hard to reach this town, but it is worth the trouble of getting there so that you can enjoy the spectacular natural parks. Those seeking for some adventure can enjoy themselves here for weeks. You can trek and climb by yourself to the Martial Glacier, or take a boat trip to the sea lion colony at Isla de Los Lobos or Isla del Pajaros. Enjoy a fun filled day of skiing or snowboarding in the fancy ski resort in the nearby mountains. Many travel agencies arrange horse back riding, trekking, canoeing, mountain biking, jeep and dog sledding tours in the Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego and Lago Fagnano.

You can also take long boat trips all the way to Chile or set off for a real adventure to the South Pole from Ushuaia. Though, this type of voyage is only possible during the summer time.


Pop 8000/Elevation 0 m

You would think that El Calefate is just a small town in the far South of Patagonia, but it is far from having a small town feel. It thanks its liveliness to the spectacular Glacier Perito Moreno which is situated in the close by Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. The Glacier, with its nearly blue collared ice, is truly stunning and has attracted tourists to come revel at its view. There are over 40 travel agencies who organize walking,trekking and climbing tours to view the beautiful Perito Moreno.