Best clubs in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is an extremely cosmopolitan city with a vibrant nightlife and a very varied offer of great clubs in Buenos Aires. Find the perfect place and club for your favorite night in Buenos Aires. Visit the best clubs in Buenos Aires.

Asia de Cuba

At this flashy dockside spot you can dine on delicious sushi and Asian food. Later in the evening, the chairs and tables are cleared away so you can sweat it out on the dance floor or try one of their tropical flavoured cocktails in the lounge area. Asia de Cuba is one of the most trendy and biggest clubs of Buenos Aires. Feel like Asian royalty in your fancy clothes while eating delicious food, listening to groovy tunes and looking at the beautiful riverside.

Tips: Dine at Asia de Cuba and do not pay any entrance fee to enter the club
Open: noon-3 p.m., from 9 p.m. on daily
Address: Pierina Dialessi 750 and Macacha Quemes, Puerto Madero Neighborhood, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Telephone: 0054 4671 9310

Bahrein (closed)

Since its start in 2004, club Bahrein is very popular both with Argentineans and tourists. One of the most happening clubs in the city, this hip place draws a mixed crowd that parties either on the top floor restaurant and lounge area, the commercial funky room, or in the groovy area located in the basement. The basement gives you a very special feeling; thousands of lights, a huge bass system and a very low ceiling evoke a real underground experience. Weekends sport mostly electronic music. Their Tuesdays are also quite famous in BA for hosting the most prominent Drum and Base night ´160´, fronted by the local talent Bad Boy Orange.

Tips: Tuesday night is their famous Drum and Bass night

Big one

Description: On Saturdays, Palacio Alsina hosts Big One, the capitals heaviest night of real electronic music. It is a huge venue with high ceilings and feels more like a cathedral than a club. There are several upper balconies with tables and comfortable sofas which welcome those looking to chill out from the heaving mass of energetic dancers below. Progressive house and techno are mostly playing in this club. International DJ sets are common on Saturdays while Friday nights are reserved for one of the most famous gay parties of BA.
Tips: Friday gay night, Saturday progressive house.
Open: from 1.30 a.m. Fri, Sat
Address: Adolfo Asina 940 between Bernardo de Irigoyen and Tacuari, Micro Center Neigborhood, Buenos Aires, Argentina
How to Reach: Bus 10, 17, 59, 64, 86
Telephone: 0054 4331 1277

Buller Pub & Brewery

Description: This place is well renowned for its tasty micro brewed beer. Highly recommended are the delicious Honey Beer (8.5%) and the refreshing India Pale Ale (6%): ideal on a hot day.
Address: Roberto M Ortiz 1827, Recoleta
Telephone: (011) 4808 9061 (info)

Bulnes Class

Description: At the moment, this is one of BA's most popular gay bars. BA attracts a mixed but mostly gay crowd for its chilled-out atmosphere and stylish, minimalist bar. It's an ideal spot to drop in to after dinner but before hitting the dance clubs.
Open: 18:00 - 02:00 Thu, 23:00 - 04:00 Fri & Sat
Address: Bulnes 1250, Palermo
Telephone: (011) 4861 7492 (info)

Clásica y Moderna (closed)

Description: This eclectic multi-espacio is a cafe, bar, eatery, art space, bookstore and music venue in one. Jazz nights see an artsy, intellectual crowd lining up on the streets to hear some great music. Stop in to listen to some of the great poetry readings as well.

Club del Vino

Description: This elegant spot, reminiscent of a small winery, is lit up with beautiful fairy lights from the outside. Inside there's a good restaurant, a pleasant fountain courtyard, an intimate theater that seats about 100, and a tiny so-called 'wine museum.' There are live jazz combos (along with tango, folk, blues and even flamenco) that regularly play here.
Address: JA Cabrera 4737, Palermo Viejo
Telephone: (011) 4833 0048 (info)


Description: Crobar: Southern sister is one of the most famous North American super clubs with the same name. The club is firmly established in BA´s dance music scene, attracting a regular crowd of energetic party people. Several VIP areas and four well attended bars overlook the big dance floor. Well dressed Argentineans dance the night away after spending a bit of time waiting to get in. Fridays are the seen-and-to-be-seen nights where Saturdays seem to be a bit quieter and more relaxed. International DJs are seen occasionally which can push the entry fee up a bit. It is doubtful that this will throw off those wanting to party and have a great time!
Tips: Come a bit early to avoid the queue.
Open: Fri, Sat from 10 p.m.
Address: Paseo de la Infanta, Avenida del Libertador 3883 and Infanta Isabel, Palermo Neigborhood, Buenos Aires, Argentina
How to Reach: Bus 10, 34, 36
Telephone: 0054 4778 1500


Description: This tiny bohemian bar with red painted walls adorned with art has some of the friendliest service in BA, along with cheap beers and decent bistro food. This bar attracts many students, intellectuals, artists, and expats. You are just as likely to see book-readers at the bar as you are travelers at the window tables. It's the kind of place you can settle in at for hours.
Open: 12:00 - 03:00 Mon-Sat
Address: San Martín 941, Retiro
Telephone: (011) 4314 4787 (info)

Deep Blue (closed)

Description: This futuristic tavern is blue alright, from the glowing bar top to the corrugated-tin walls to the mood lighting that even gives fake tan a blue cast. It could have been in Bladerunner - if not for the pool tables, the big-screen TV and the darn good snack menu that keeps you anchored in the present.

El Federal

Description: Operating since 1864, El Federal is a favorite San Telmo bar. Maybe it has to do with the atmospheric old wooden interior, with its long wooden bar, lowered floor, decorative arch and antique cash register. Mostly though, it is contagious vibe that seems to spread when its cozy rooms fill with locals. Order a bottle of red and a big wooden breadboard of picadas (the Argentine version of antipasto) and settle in for the night.
Open: 07:30 - 01:30 Sun-Thu, 07:30 - 03:00 Fri & Sat
Address: cnr Perú & Carlos Calvo, San Telmo
Telephone: (011) 4300 4313 (info)

El Hipopótamo

Description: Across the road from the Británico, this old wooden bar oozes just as much charm, with its lovely antique signs on the wall, glass cabinets lined with bottles of wine ready to be consumed and jars of preserved pickles and peppers on the counter. Popular with the old-timers who dress up and head here for afternoon tea, it is just as good for a beer.
Address: Av Brasil 401, San Telmo
Telephone: (011) 4300 4313 (info)

La Cigale

Description: The dazzling lights above the big bar give this popular place a festive atmosphere, while the booths, bar lamps, and French House music, finds you wondering if you are really in Paris. That could also have something to do with the regulars, French expats and Argentines wishing they were in Paris.
Address: 25 de Mayo 722, Retiro
Telephone: (011) 4312 8275 (info)

La Peña del Colorado (closed)

Description: This lively venue - which many porteños swear is the best peña (community venue where folk music is performed in a casual environment) in the city - packs in the many locals and travelers for the live folkórica shows on Friday and Saturday night. Moreover, there is spontaneous singing and strumming on other nights. There are decent northern Argentine dishes and if you have yet to try mate, now is your chance.

Mundo Bizarro (closed)

Description: With its vibrant red walls and retro 1950s American diner vibe, Mundo Bizarro has been a Palermo institution for some ten years. This is a great late night drinking spot where the DJs are good, the music is fun, and the cocktails keep coming.


Description: Feel like partying in the middle of the week but do not want to wait till the late hours of the evening? Museum is a perfect option for those wanting to go out but a bit earlier. This venue hosts the biggest ´after office´ night in Buenos Aires. On Wednesday nights after 8 p.m., this club is full of workers in their thirties. Many enjoy dinner and then wait for the chairs to be cleared away so the party can begin. At 2 a.m. the dancing ends so workers can head home to get some rest before the new working day. Do not forget to put on a suit. Friday and Saturday nights there is a wide range of music played from 80´s to salsa music.
Tips: Enter on Wednesday before 9 p.m. and you do not have to pay the entrance fee.
Open: Wed 8 p.m. to 2 a.m., Sat and Sun from 10 p.m.
Address: Peru 535, Between Mexico and Venezuela, San Telmo neigborhood, Buenos Aires, Argentina
How to Reach: Bus 2, 9, 20, 22
Telephone: 0054 4771 9628


Description: It was the Saturday nights Clubland at Pacha that put Buenos Aires on the global clubbing map and is still considered one of the best venues today. The Pacha is huge; it has several floors, dance areas and a terrace. It is always packed till the early hours in the morning with electronic music lovers. The biggest names in the house music industry have played in this club from the Chemical Brothers to Sander Kleinenberg. There is not only good music, but also a passionate vibe which attracts people from all over. Most will stay till the DJ spins his last tune. Take your sunglasses with you and enjoy the sunrise on the terrace while listening to the newest tunes.
Tips: Have your drinks before going in which will save you a load of pesos.
Open: mid Feb-Dec. Fri from 12 a.m. Sat from 2 a.m.
Address: Costanera Rafael Obligado and La Pampa, Costanera Norte Neigborhood, Buenos Aires, Argentina
How to Reach: Bus 37, 45, 160
Telephone: 0054 4788 4280

Pride Café

Description: This groovy cafe-bar serves up some of the best coffee in town to a mostly gay crowd, along with great sandwiches and snack foods. The vibe is very laidback, although it gets packed on weekends, when it can be hard to get a table.
Open: 10:00 - 24:00
Address: Balcarce 869, San Telmo
Telephone: (011) 4300 6435 (info)

The Roxy Club

Description: Home to one of BA´s oldest and most notorious parties named club 69, this club is still the best way to pass your Thursday nights in the city. It is famous for its anti-conservancy where nothing is too much and everything is possible. Fanfares of extravagant and beautiful travesties, pin-up shows and impressive visuals make your Thursday nights complete while sweating it all to sounds of both house and techno music.

The Roxy club is less crowded and extravagant on its Fridays and Saturdays. During the week they also host several music concerts for those who enjoy live music.

Tips: Thursday night’s drag queen shows at Club 69.
Open: Thur-Sat from 11 p.m.
Address: Niceto Vega 5542 (Palermo Hollywood)
How to Reach: Subway B Federico Lacroze. Bus 39, 93

Terrazas del Este

This club is a night-time classic of Buenos Aires that aims at entertaining a younger audience with live musical events, delicious cocktails, and a super fun vibe.

Address: Av. Costanera Norte Rafael Obligado, Av. Sarmiento 2221

Jet BA

Jet is the city's finest club that offers tourists a fresh experience of nightlife in Buenos Aires. It is the hotspot for youngsters to party in the city. The club provides a beautiful beach view and makes the audiences enjoy their nights by creating a peaceful atmosphere.

Address: Av. Costanera Rafael Obligado 4801

Club Shampoo

This club is a popular hangout spot for visitors with a great atmosphere, a colorful décor, and a spacious dance floor. It is located in downtown Buenos Aires.

Address: Av. Pres. Manuel Quintana 362


A stunning nightclub in the city that offers electronic techno music for its younger audiences

Address: Honduras 5339, Palermo Hollywood